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Monjo-bako (standard product)

  • Protection
  • Weak alkalinity


Acid-free storage box : This product is a knockdown-type box for storing documents.

This box is used to store large-sized documents and works, such as historical documents, newspapers, pictorial arts, and craftworks. There are two kinds of boxes: one is used for large-sized objects, and the other is for newspapers.

This box uses weak alkaline corrugated cardboard (Archival Board) and is two to three times stronger than a general cardboard box. This is a knockdown type; therefore, an adhesive or a fastening fixture is not required.

There is a handle, but there is no through hole because there is a partition inside.

The maximum stacking quantity is 13 steps for large-sized objects and 21 steps for newspapers (when 13 kg of documents are put in).
* Other sizes can be made by order. Please consult us for further information.


  • For large-sized objects
    Even daiminoban yokocho of historical document can be put in.
  • For newspapers
    Typical newspaper size of a sheet fits precisely (blanket size = 407 x 545 mm).


For large-sized objects

  • Specifications(mm)

    Inner diameter470×350×250
    Outer diameter520×385×260

  • Packing unit

    10 pieces

For newspapers

  • Specifications(mm)

    Inner diameter600×450×100
    Outer diameter635×485×110

  • Packing unit

    10 pieces

The depth of the lid of Monjo-bako for large-sized objects was changed from 70 mm to 65 mm.

* The cost of transportation and packing charge shall be paid separately by the customer.

How to assemble Monjo-bako for large-sized objects

  1. Assemble the body.
  2. Put the inner frame.
  3. Assemble the lid.
  4. Completed

How to assemble Monjo-bako for newspapers

  1. Assemble the body.
  2. Put the inner frame.
  3. If it is a side-open type, cut off the diagonally shaded part at the perforation.
  4. Completed

Good assembly

  • Leave fold traces on all the folding lines in advance and assemble it, and assembly is beautifully completed.
  • The side from which you hardly see the corrugation of the sheet (adhesion part of the broken line) is the outside of the box.

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