IIC(International Institute for Conservation: 国際文化財保存学会)という団体は、1950年に設立され、歴史遺産や芸術作品などの保存修復、修理にかかわる保存科学者、修復家、博物館関係者などさまざまな分野の専門家で構成されています。会議は、1961年のローマを皮切りにほぼ2年おきに開催され、アジアでは1988年の京都に次いで2回目になります。







今回の会議のテーマは"An Unbroken History: Conserving East Asian Works of Art and Heritage"で、東アジアの芸術と遺産の保護です。



Conservation of Textiles 1: Excavated treasures

Conserving Silk and Thangkas

East Asian Lacquerware: From Analysis to Treatment

East Asian Paintings: Imported and Exported Materials

Conservation and Analysis of Asian Wall Paintings and Sites

Conservation of Textiles 2: From a Fur coat to a Celebratory Hanging

Conserving Metals and Composite Objects:

From Archeological Objects to Iron-paintings

Preventive conservation and the Environment 1

Preventive conservation and the Environment 2

East Asian Art on Paper

Conservation of Textiles 3: Examination and Conservation in Practice

Analysis and Conservation of East Asian Glass, Ceramics and Stone

Innovative Manufacture and Treatment of East Asian Paper

Approaches to the Conservation of Polychromy

New Conservation Materials and Applications



Analysis and Conservation of East Asian Glass and Ceramics

East Asian Lacquerware - from Analysis to Treatment

Conserving East Asian Paintings

Conserving East Asian Works on Paper

Textiles: From Archaeological to Contemporary Artworks

Approaches to the Conservation of Thangkas

The Conservation and Study of Polychromy and Wall Paintings

Conservation Materials for East Asian Art

Temples, Stone and Rock Art

Conserving Metals and Composite Objects:

From Archaeological Bronzes to 20th C. Iron Paintings







Developing heritage climatology for collection preservation in

changing sub-tropical climates through a trapping survey in Hong Kong

Peter Brimblecombe, Jody Beenk, Christopher Mattison


The cicada and the crow: Chinese stone rubbings

Susan Catcher


Modelling temperature and humidity in storage spaces

used for cultural property in Japan

Masahide Inuzuka


Broken history: Redefining eighteenth-century Korean portrait

painting mounts

Meejung Kim


Chinese export watercolours: Employing enzymes,

rigid gels and micro-emulsions for the removal of stains,

adhesive and backings

Melissa Lewis, Teresa Coleman


From Quanzhou, China to Oxford, UK:

An account of the Selden Map of China and its conservation

Robert Minte, Marinita Stiglitz, Keisuke Sugiyama, Mark Barnard


One hundred boys, one hundred challenges:

The examination and conservation of two Viennese folding screens

decorated with a Chinese silk embroidery

  Edith Oberhumer, Maarten R van Bommel, Matthijs de Keijzer,

Suzan de Groot, Rudolf Erlach, Regina Hofmann-de Keijzer, Regina Knaller  


Paper lining: Techniques based on knowledge and experience

Keisuke Sugiyama, Jinxian Qiu, Hisashi Hakamata


Installation of an environmental monitoring system in the

Chapel of Our lady Guia, Macao

Zhong Tang, Shibing Dai


Understanding storage environmental stability during power outages:

 A key issue in sub-tropical climates

Edward Kinfai Tse, Waishan Tsui


The toning of repair paper used in paper conservation

Gang Chen, Mengting Gong


■ポスターセッション タイトル

Japanese mounting silks: The production and aesthetics of fukugen

Justine Ellis, Yasuhiro Oka


Mounting techniques for Asian silk paintings and calligraphy

using two colours of lining paper

  Jing Gao , Yihsia Hsiao


Conservation of Fortune's collection of Chinese tree

portraits at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK

  Emma Le Cornu


Solving a conservation problem: The treatment of a batch

of century-old Chinese manuscripts printed with fugitive red grid-lines

  Angela Waisum Liu, Martina Yeeman Ho, Chunying Lai


Network building in Japan, China and Korea for the conservation

of paper-based cultural heritage within the region

Tadashi Ohsuga


The conservation of Japanese paintings: A balance of

traditional techniques, materials and modern science

Yasuhiro Oka, Justine Ellis


Merging mind-sets: Training as a traditional Chinese scroll

mounter within the British Museum, London, UK

  Carol Weiss, Valentina Marabini


Study on gelatinization and peel strength of wheat starch and

glutinous flour mixtures

Wangting Wu, Shulin Liu, Pengzhu Lou





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